Schools Terms and Conditions

1. School rates are applicable to registered schools or nurseries only, these may include out of hours school club or holiday clubs if they are attached to a registered school.

2. Free teacher places (1:5 for Primary ) are for registered teachers’ only and may not be used for additional adults/ parents. Teacher ID may be requested upon entry.

3. School rates must be pre-booked and paid for in advance of your visit, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed with our Sales Manager.

4. Once a school booking has been made you will receive an email confirmation, we require a £100 deposit within 2 weeks of making your booking and the balance is due at least 14 days before the date of the visit.

5. Final numbers are required at least 14 days before the date of your visit and should be given to us before any outstanding balance has been paid.

6. Once your balance has been paid additional pupil places can be paid for on the day at the same discounted school rate.

7. We do not offer refunds or any unused tickets so please ensure that you advise us of any
changes to numbers prior to your balance being paid.

8. If, on the day, you have any unused tickets then the following procedures will apply:

  • No refunds will be given in respect of unused tickets.
  • Lightwater Valley will revalidate up to 30 unused pupil tickets so that they can be used on another date during the same season. These tickets must be validated on the day of your visit by reporting to our Admissions booths located at the theme park entrance before 2pm. Free teacher tickets will not be revalidated.
  • Lightwater Valley will carry forward up to 30 unused pupil tickets to be used against a future trip either during the same season or for the following year. Free teacher tickets will not be carried forward.
  • Any unused tickets over and above these limits will be forfeit. Please ensure that you are as accurate as possible with your final numbers prior to your visit.

9. Lightwater Valley offers 2 free teacher preview tickets should you wish to carry out your own pre-trip inspection. These tickets are for teachers only and allow up to 2 hours in the park at a pre-arranged date and time.