As a member of the British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions (BALPPA), we welcome visits by disabled guests and will always do all that is possible to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.

There are, however, certain rides and attractions in our park that can be physically demanding and vigorous. We, therefore, reserve the right to refuse admission to certain rides should we feel there is a danger to a particular individual or individuals for whatever reason. We have been advised by the Health & Safety Executive that refusal on the grounds of health & safety does not constitute discrimination. We hope that you understand and accept the decisions made in the interests of your safety.

Nimbus - Access Card

Nimbus Access Card 

Lightwater Valley is proud to partner with Nimbus Disability, operators of the Access Card scheme, who will now process all Essential Carer and Rides Easy Access Pass (Ride Wristband) applications.

We have always been proud to offer free carer tickets for guests who require additional assistance when visiting our park and now with this new process, it means you will no longer need to bring confidential and sensitive documents with you on the day. It is really important that we ensure our Free Carer and Rides Easy Access Pass services remain beneficial for those who simply could not visit Lightwater Valley without them.

You will now need to apply online through Nimbus Disability, at least 7 days prior to your visit. Applications are still possible within 7 days, however this provides significantly less time for an application to be reviewed (if you have already applied you will not need to do so again as all approved applications are valid for 3 years). Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any same day applications. 

Please note that having a disability does not mean you will automatically receive either of these services.

Disabled Access Guide 2024

Who is eligible for an Essential Carer Ticket?

Essential Carer tickets are available for guests with a medical condition or disability, where support is needed that is significant and in excess of what could be reasonably expected of friends/family already accompanying the guest. 
We allow one essential carer to accompany a paying guest into the park who requires their assistance during their visit, if their Access Card or Nimbus ID carries the +1 symbol. If eligible, two people can accompany the paying guest with the appropriate +2 symbol on their Access Card or Nimbus ID.
Our Essential Carer Scheme is not available to complimentary ticket holders or for any non-paying guest.
Essential Carers must be over 16 years of age. 

What is a Rides Easy Access Pass and who is it for?

We offer a Rides Easy Access Pass for guests who find standing and or queuing a substantial barrier to accessing rides and attractions. The Rides Easy Access Pass removes the need for our guests to wait within the main ride queue lines and enter by a dedicated entrance for Access Pass users. 

How Does the Rides Easy Access Pass work?

1)    Ensure that you have a Nimbus Access Card or Registered Lightwater Nimbus ID that shows a queuing symbol. (You can apply for a Nimbus ID HERE)
2)    Bring the Physical Card or Nimbus ID details to our Visitor Information Office. 
3)    Our Friendly Team will issue your Rides Easy Access Pass and issue a wristband for the guest requiring the support. You can have up to 3 other guests or family members ride with you!
4)    Present the Easy Access Pass and wristband at your chosen ride for preferential access.
5)    The Ride Operator will initial the pass and permit access, Enjoy the ride!

Please note: The Rides Easy Access pass service does not allow immediate and unrestricted access to rides and is not a ‘queue jump’ service.
At every ride guests will be expected to wait a period of time to allow operators to effectively manage the throughput of guests, as well as carry out essential safety processes

How do I apply for an Access Card or Nimbus ID 

All applications need to be submitted via the Nimbus Disability website which you can access HERE.

You will have the choice to register your needs exclusively to Lightwater Valley at no cost, or to upgrade to an Access Card for £15 for 3 years and have your card recognised and can be used at thousands of locations across the UK and beyond, including other Amusement Parks who offer similar forms of assistance.
Please ensure to input your intended visit date when prompted in the application.
Once you have been approved by Nimbus and your card shows a +1 or +2 symbol, you can book your essential carer ticket online. Should you require more than 1 carer ticket (if you have been awarded +2 or more), 
If your card or Nimbus ID shows the queueing symbol then please present this card to our Visitor Information team to collect your Rides Easy Access Card and Wristband. 
If you plan to visit once they have expired after the 3 years, you would need to apply again. 

For further details regarding Nimbus Disability and the Access Card scheme, you can visit their website HERE


Disabled Access

Lightwater Valley is proud to say we are Changing Places Accredited.

Changing Places are spacious toilet facilities designed to meet the needs of the 250,000 people in the U.K. who need changing when they are out. Without them, those who need them are limited to venturing out for only short periods of time.

Changing Places toilets are large, hygienic toilet facilities with a height adjustable changing bench and a hoist. Having a Changing Places nearby means that those who need them, along with their families, friends and personal assistants, can enjoy a full day out, safe in the knowledge that the right facilities are there when they need them.

Please note: if you need to use the hoist within a Changing Places facility you will need to bring your own sling along with you.

Visible Autism Quiet Space

At Lightwater Valley we recognise that for some guests, visiting the park can be very challenging. Therefore, with the help of one of our staff members Tynisha, we have implemented a 'quiet zone' that can be accessed by any of our visitors if they would like to escape the hustle and bustle of the park and relax in a calm and controlled environment. 

Tynisha is the founder of 'Visible Autism Lt' and it is her aim to ease some of the difficulties many guests face whilst on the park. You may see some of our staff members wearing the Visible Autism logo as a sticker or a lanyard to indicate that they are trained and have an understanding of autism and it also signals the 'quiet zone' within the Visitor Experience Office, so guests can locate and access this space. 

Visible Autism Website 
Visible Autism Socials