Splash Falls

Splash Falls

Splash Falls consists of three giant water slides. Ascending the huge metal stairs to the top is a daunting task littered with anticipation and not until you reach the loading platform do you realise quite how high above the treetops you’ve climbed. With epic views of the park, make your choice:

Slide One

This chute is a steep drop that lasts about five seconds and delivers a solid amount of air time.

Slide Two

Similar to the previous chute, after been released you slide down a small drop, onto a flat straight and then back down the final drop; an excellent starter point for those looking to pluck up the courage for Slide One.

Slide Three

The longest and wettest chute of all three with riders being taken through a dark tunnel with sharp turns, sudden drops and an airtime full drop right at the end.

After deciding which chute you wish to ride you will be asked to board your rubber dinghy. Then you're off, splashing down to the ground below!

Passengers must ride in pairs for all slides, no single riders.


Height 1.0m

Slides 1 & 2 - 1.1m+ Slide 3 - 1.1m+, 1m accompanied No single riders.