Jurassic Adventure Golf

Dinosaurs and man, two species separated by sixty-five million years of evolution, have suddenly been thrown back into the mix together. Fierce Raptors including the mighty T-Rex all roam this hostile section of the adventure park and golfing with dinosaurs has never been so much fun.

With just a club and a small white ball for protection, swap your birdies for Pterodactyls and rise to the challenge of making Jurassic pars as you navigate your way through 18 holes inhabited by terrifying predators!

Whether you happen to be an expert golfer or have never held a putter before, try not to be distracted by the Stegosaurus in the crowd as months of gloating could be yours by sinking that winning putt on the 18th green.

Adults & Children £3.00 per person per round. Under 3's free.

*An additional charge applies to play on the Jurassic Adventure Golf Course. This activity is not included with your adventure park admission ticket


Height No Restrictions